CovidCon2020 Apr 25 at 3 PM – Apr 26 at 1 AM CDT

FEATURING: Aubrey Stephens – Two Minutes Until Doomsday

Welcome Author and Former US Missile Command employee Aubrey Stephens…Aubrey Stephens is a retired teacher from Mississippi. He has Masters degrees in both theatre and history, with certification in English, science, and special education. He is also a marine veteran and former military officer. The rumour that he has attempted to blow up the earth is just that a rumour, though he was on combat missile crew alert when the NORAD mistakes that caused a false report to believed that there were Soviet inbound missiles headed for the U.S. He is a trained martial artist with a second-degree black belt in karate, a brown belt in judo, and a brown belt in Kendo. He also studied and taught European fencing for over 45 years. His hobbies include recreating the Middle Ages and the American Civil War. He is squired to one of the S.C.A.’s most well-known knights and at this time holds the rank of Captain in Co. A – 2nd Mississippi Cavalry (Union and Confederate.) He has acted, written, directed, and done set design and construction for over 200 theatrical shows. He has written several articles on the history of the War Between the States for regional magazines. Since his retirement from teaching he has edited for Pro Se Productions and is now its Executive Editor. He has had published several stories and a book. His anthology Tales of the Interstellar Bartenders Guild won the 2019 Pulp Factory Award for Best Anthology. He is currently working on two alternate history novels, one a different WWII ending and the other a terrifying day in the cold war of 1968.

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