On behalf of the CovidCon 2020 team of coordinators, vendors, cosplayers, viewers and esteemed guests, we offer our sincerest thanks. CovidCon would have never been possible without you.

Satyr Day Productions – Cosplay Props, Costumes, Custom JewelryMisc Etc – Custom garb, clothing and costumes, plush animals, jewelry, accessories
AnimeCoast – Rare anime art books and guides, gravure books and collectables (18+)Sehreen Shahzad – pet, couple and cosplay portraits, customized pins
Blackheart Leatherworks and Wares – leather goods with other period and non period items thrown inPegasus Publishing – Geek T-shirts
Dandy Lions Creations – geeky bath and body products for men and womenKimi Creative – enamel pins, stickers and prints. Also acrylic charms
Dorky Dino – cute artwork and make it into a variety of different products including jewelry, charms, dice bags, keychains, patches, stickers, and wall art.Stevie Tisius – Artist
Bat’s Baths – Handmade bath and body products to make self care funRed Paw Leather – Handmade Leather Goods
Chelsea Smith – CrochetKara and Mads of Fire Sphere Dezigns – fanart of different mediums, including digital art, fine art and spray paint art.
Magpie’s Masquerie – plushiesDerek Nochefranca – artist
Steven Moore – artist/writerJumpmaster Press – publisher from Birmingham, AL
After Dark Studios – shirts, posters and stickersPP Creations – comics, stickers, and t-shirts
Tiger’s Tangibles – anime and video game collectables, such as figures, posters, keychains, clear files, and much more! I recently got a shipment of merch from Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Demon Slayer, Fire Emblem Three Houses, KonoSuba, etc.Megan Risk – artist
Dan Conner – Cartoonist & ColoristEverything’s Shiny Creations – hand-stamped jewelry and accessories, specializing in subtle geek and pop culture
CardzXtcetera – CardzXtceteraDaSueDragon Designs – bags, armor, and various leather cosplay and PG furry accessories including custom leather furry partials
Nani Wear – We’re the artists and manufacturers of original geek apparel, accessories, drinkware, bags, and moreLuly’s Art – artist
Surreal Makeup LLC – Makeup SuppliesCaptain Gato Bajau – Books
Whimsy Studios – polymer clay, dragons and gargoyles and such but I can pretty much make anything. I also do hand embroidery. Altar cloths, totes and pillow covers etc.Inkyconverters – stationery and fountain pen-themed merchandise
Doctor Pixel – Perler bead magnets, figurines and wall art.Merch Massacre – Handmade horror and pop culture themed decals, clothing, mugs, totes, ornaments and much more!
CosMom ConShop – cosplay, convention, and travel suppliesPhunky Paradox – miniature acrylic paintings in themes ranging from fantasy and anime to landscape and animals
Markee Shadows Art – ArtistCompletely Awesome Media, Inc – Comic Book
Victims and Villains – hats, coloring books and shirtsPrecious Plunder – We make and sell jeweled headgear for cosplays, theaters, and formal events
Bryan SilverBaX – Artist-Designer- CreatorBunny Designs – Cosplay apparel
Waggons West – upcycled badges, plushies and finger puppetsJohn Wilker – signed paperback copies, direct ebooks, and assorted march on my site
Anana Kaye – Music and CDsGtoys and Collectibles – Funko, action figures and mystery question mark boxes, I special selling older hard to find pops, I have over a 1000 different Funko pops
Drew Eash – Captain Luv Comic BooksJessica Ann Nunno -freelance illustrator and an art instructor from Huntsville, AL
Nathan Payne– artist

Gathering information for this ongoing CovidCon2020 project is very time consuming, I want to point out that EVERY Vendor is Special, we appreciate all of them.
Thankyou for your time and patience.

Patrons you can use the above Discord Link to chat and ask questions of the various Vendors and Artists

– CovidCon Vendors –

You have the power!

Apr 25 at 1 PM – Apr 27 at 1 AM CDT

Dear Esteemed Vendors of CovidCon 2020,

As you are all probably aware, the recent viral outbreak has taken a toll on millions of business owners across the nation.  Many of us are scrambling to comply with the ‘shelter in place’ ordinances both federal and local. In contrast, many business owners are struggling to reconnoitre their business models, which up till not generally required person to person interaction to meet these stringent directives in order to make ends meet. 

We would very much like Covid Con to be a vessel in which to help you advance in this tepid economic environment by providing an alternate medium than your typical Comicon for customer interaction and boost business’ bottom-line.  However, we can’t do it alone, promoting and directing an event such as this is a daunting undertaking especially for the few individuals already putting in many unpaid hours, that’s why we’re asking for your help.

The virus and it’s associative panic have spread parabolically shutting down the whole nation in a matter of weeks, however as vendors and organizers alike we can implement this same strategy of advertisement to combat its economic fallout.  While our awesome staff have already done an exceptional job of advertisement, if every vendor and attendee was to simply tell 5 people we could grow this event considerably larger in scale. With a few minutes of effort by a large enough number of participants, we could make Covid-Con more viral than the pandemic that inspired it.

Remember, we’re all in this together.

Best Wishes,

CovidCon 2020 Staff

Covid Con 2020

Apr 25 at 1 PM – Apr 27 at 1 AM CDT

“The FREE Con for the Quarantined”

A Virtual Comic Convention (VCC) By now almost everything you see in your newsfeed is a highlight of the devastating viral pandemic. You might be feeling helpless, surrounded by a world of madness and unhappiness, or you could simply be going mad from isolation. In either case, Covid-Con is here to rescue you from your doldrums, uplift your disposition, and give hope through laughter and comradery in the face of darkness. Covid-Con is chock full of awesome content from unique and experienced veterans of the comic-con circuit: Cosplayers, Vendors, Celebrity Guests and more providing absolutely FREE content for the charity of the soul to navigate us through these trying times. Covid 19 may have restricted our freedoms, but it can’t restrict our spirit.