In the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent ‘shelter in place’ mandates all

conventions and public gatherings have been shuttered. Covidcon provides a non-profit venue

for which convention attendees can interact while still conforming to CDC guidlines. Many

convention exhibitors make little to no income from the hobby and those who do use those funds

to augment their current employment. Unfortunately since the shutdown not only have these

entertainers, vendors and cosplayers lost their primary income they have lost their convention

incomes as well. Undoubtedly many of you who are watching Covidcon are equally struggling,

however some of you may be more fortunate than others and are still retaining employment and

financial stability. Our unpaid guests would be ever so gracious if you are able to make a

small contribution it would help immensley in supporting their families, but please do so only

if you can afford. Often we find vendors and entertainers are too altruistic to ask for help

themselves, thats why we have done so on their behalf.

Thank you to everyone! We’ll get through this, just be safe and enjoy the show!
Covidcon 2020 staff