On behalf of the CovidCon 2020 team of coordinators, vendors, cosplayers, viewers and esteemed guests, we offer our sincerest thanks. CovidCon would have never been possible without you.

Past Events

Apr 25 at 1 PM – Apr 27 at 1 AM CDT

Covid Con 2020

A Community Video Convention

This pandemic has also made it abundantly clear that there is a glaring vulnerability in the current Comic Con model and this event may antiquate that business model or at the very least may render it in need of augmentation to make Comic Con’s more relevant in the digital age. To these ends, we would like to transition CovidCon away from the viral outbreak of Covid-19 and into the viral proliferation of a new form of digital interaction of physical Comic Cons with the digital world to expand the participation of local cons on the broader stage of a globally connected digital environment.

By now almost everything you see in your newsfeed is a highlight of the devastating viral pandemic. You might be feeling helpless, surrounded by a world of madness and unhappiness, or you could simply be going mad from isolation. In either case, Covid-Con is here to rescue you from your doldrums, uplift your disposition, and give hope through laughter and comradery in the face of darkness. Covid-Con is chock full of awesome content from unique and experienced veterans of the comic-con circuit: Cosplayers, Vendors, Celebrity Guests and more providing absolutely FREE content for the charity of the soul to navigate us through these trying times. Covid 19 may have restricted our freedoms, but it can’t restrict our spirit.

– CoVidCon

Day One

Day Two

Apr 25 at 1 PM – Apr 27 at 1 AM CDT