CovidCon2020 Apr 25 at 3 PM – Apr 26 at 1 AM CDT

Featuring: Neko Mew

Welcome, Neko Mew!… I live in Memphis, TN. You can follow my performer page on Facebook: Neko Mew, and on Instagram: neko_mew_bellydance. Tribal Fusion Belly Dance and Cosplay have brought me so much life, so I figured why not put two things I love together. I have now taught a belly dance panel at Midsouth Con as Heath Ledgers Joker and on the Concellation2020 Facebook group on Facebook live as my belly dance version of Harley Quinn. I was going to have a show at Midsouth Con but it was cancelled so now I get to do this Con and I’m excited about it! This Harley is ready to perform…k Puddin?

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