On behalf of the CovidCon2020 team of coordinators, vendors, cosplayers, viewers and esteemed guests, we offer our sincerest thanks. CovidCon would have never been possible without you.

John Wilker
Welcome Sci-Fi Author John Wilker…Bio
John Wilker is a science fiction writer in Denver, CO. When he’s not spinning tales of the adventures of the misfit crew of the Ghost he’s organizing conferences in the software developer space (Not easy to do these days!).
John started his sci-fi writing career in the 2nd grade with a harrowing tale of beloved comic strip character Ziggy saving the Seattle Space Needle from aliens with some quick thinking and a well timed rain shower. Copyright law wasn’t covered until 3rd grade, we’ll just call this fanfic and move along.
His stories now harken back to the fun of “old-timey” sci-fi. They’re fast and fun straight up pulp action adventure with lovable characters and lots of explosions, and a little pop-culture fun thrown in as well.
Book 7 of the Space rogues series releases April 15th.
John Wilker
Science Fiction Writer
twitter: jwilker
I wrote some books! Check em out!
Remember that bad times, are just times that are bad
“I write Science Fiction. I organize conferences and Ignite Denver. I love building and strengthening community! And tacos, I love tacos!”
Faith Monique
Welcome Faith Monique a great actress and Scream Queen…FAITH MONIQUE “DEATH RANCH”
My name is Faith Monique and I was born in Gary, Indiana. I currently live in Madison, Alabama with my husband, where I began acting in 2016. My first acting job was as an extra on the 2017 film, Spiderman: Homecoming, which partially filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. Although my scene did not make the final cut of the film, I made memories that I will never forget! One of them being working with Mr. Michael Keaton for 2 hours! With this being my very first set, I learned so much about the industry and I have never turned back!
Since then, I have worked in TV shows and films of all genres. Death Ranch is my first horror film and WOW, what an experience of a lifetime! In a video that you will view at CovidCon, I will be discussing my experience filming a horror film for the 1st time, who my character is in the film,working with the amazing director, Charlie Steeds of London, England, what it was like working with the other cast members, including the one and only Robert D. Allsup, and much more!! I will not provide any spoilers, however! I don’t want to spoil the suspense of this up and coming film! It’s going to be amazing…GET READY!!
Faith Monique
A.g. Howard
Welcome SFX Makeup Artist A.g. Howard..A.G. Howard “Special Effects Artist” at HOWARDART SPFX MAKEUP STUDIOS
(FBK: A.g.Howardartist)
(FBK:Howardart studios appliances)
(INST: HowardartStudios)
My name is A.G. Howard, and like I say in my classes, (if you ever caught me live at a convention) when I grow up, one day – I’d like to be a SPFX Makeup Artist. I have some skill in one area, special effect prosthetic makeup creation and application.
I hope to mildly entertain and inform some older theater tricks (best on stage, or cosplay) you probably should TRIPLE CHECK ALL INFORMATION from here or ANY online source….you know, like YOUTUBE…
I invite you all, to check my work.
We will examine: (KIT BASICS)
Makeup types, waxes and putties,
adhesives and solvents, applicators and tools, technique overview, and something we always practiced BEFORE “corona” : HYGIENE!
Special effect make appliance artist
Christina O’Brien
Welcome the other half of our Cosplay Guest of Honor “Conspiracy of Ravens” BewitchedRaven is a Nashville, TN based cosplayer, gamer, and all-around goober. She loves all things geeky and enjoys putting her own unique spin on cosplay designs. Even though she has only been cosplaying since 2011, she has been working in Theater as both a costumer and actress her entire life, leaving waves of creativity and fun wherever she goes! BewitchedRaven’s cosplays range in style and materials. She creates armor, spandex suits, Lolita dresses, using worbla, foam, fabrics, and more! BewitchedRaven is also an advocate for ending bullying in the cosplay and geek communities. She works with multiple volunteer and fundraising groups to help promote positive behavior and body image to other cosplayers and the community. She also works to spread awareness of invisible disabilities, such as anxiety and depression, in her panels and daily interactions. In addition to cosplay, BewitchedRaven is a gamer and avid LARPer. She works to highlight women in the LARPing community and help others become the best LARPers they can be through various panels and workshops. You can follow BewitchedRaven on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter!

CrystalRavyn Jones
Welcome to CRYSTALRAVYN JONES cosplay guest and one half of our Cosplay Guest of Honor “Conspiracy of Ravens”..CrystalRavyn Jones is a cosplayer, artist, and propmaker from Middle Tennessee. She specializes in creating original
characters as well as alternative versions of existing characters.
She is co-founder of Satyr Day Productions, co-founder and casting director of the League of Impossibilists, and an
Inquisitor in the Jen’Arii Temple of the Sith Dynasty. She has been cosplaying since 2013.


Welcome, Greg Cravens Guest of Honour of Cartooning join come to see his panel Sunday 8:30 PM CST “Earning a Living Drawing Cartooning- 30 years and counting”…Greg Cravens- The first newspaper to run his strip shut down mere months later. The Theme Park where he first drew caricatures in public was turned into a shopping mall. The university that awarded him a degree in graphic design shortly thereafter changed its name. Leaving this trail of destruction, Greg decided to go into advertising, an industry that rightly needed a good kneecapping, but it proved unkillable even after Greg created a few thousand cartoon illustrations for ads and children’s programs. So he returned to his first dream job, comic strips.

He produces the comic strips The Buckets (at gocomics.com/thebuckets) and HUBRIS! (www.hubriscomics.com), and you see where the state of comic strips has gone. Now, he’s the artist on the comic book “Stoned Ninja” (www.stoned.ninja) so just wait and see what happens to THAT industry.

Membership Chair, National Cartoonist Society

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