On behalf of the CovidCon 2020 team of coordinators, vendors, cosplayers, viewers and esteemed guests, we offer our sincerest thanks. CovidCon would have never been possible without you.

Robert D. Allsup
– AKA Darksoul –
My father was a blacksmith. He was not as swarthy as most men of that trade, but he was stout enough for the work of the simple country people we lived with. Horse shoes, plow blades, a bridle or an axe head. We barely kept body and soul together in our meager hut. He would take me betimes to a nearby beachhead, and I would throw shells and rocks into the crashing waves. I always took great satisfaction and comfort from the sound of the sea in those days. Some afternoons I could lay in the shade and be rocked to sleep by the sound. I never knew my mother, and I guess the sea rocked me to sleep as much as any woman ever could.
The tall man was talking, but my father had taken an uneasy stance. He held the fire tongs in one hand. The tall man had taken out his cutlass and was making conversation with my father. He was demonstrating how the hilt was loose. He was apologizing for the poor workmanship, but my father just looked the tall man in the eye.
Suddenly the tall man’s hand whipped out of the sash and a dagger gleamed in the whote sun, a flash of metal against the sky. My father brought his hand up with the tongs, but he was slow with them, and the tall man had the advantage of battle quickness. The blade was across my father’s neck before I could will myself to move. But those tongs were still flying up, and my father aimed the heated end of those tongs at the tall man’s face. They found their mark and left a burning stain as the tall man screamed in pain.
The other men were suddenly not so occupied with things in the shop or at the well. They were beside the tall man quick as thought, holding my father and bringing him to his knees. My father yelled for me to run, and I felt my legs moving but I was not in control of them. He fought them off and I ran, ran for my mother the sea.
I was taken by a band of pirates led by Capt. Wazoo. The rest let’s just say is not for young ears…

Blake Wilson –

Hi. My name is Blake. And this is my bio

Michael Mitchell

I am co founder of Southern Fried Pop Culture and Comic Convention, I am from Nashville TN and have been working with and on cons for years, member of the Smokey Mountain Ghostbusters and if there is anything Blake and Robert want to add about me lol

California Comic Con Coordinator

Comic Cons are one of the biggest and most exciting pop culture conventions in the entire universe. It also happens to involve the comic book, publishing, media and licensing industries. What could be cooler than that? The Content Coordinator plays a key role in building an experience that Comic Con fans will love!